Dr. Scott E. Keating, O.D.


Undergraduate Studies: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 1982-1985

Graduate: Ohio State University of Optometry, Columbus, Ohio 1985-1989

Scope of Practice

As a fully licensed, Therapeutic Optometrist, I can prescribe medicine for all types of eye related, ocular problems. The following is a partial list of the major types of ocular Adnexa that I can treat.
- Glaucoma
- "Pink Eye" (Baterial Conjunctivitis)
- Viral Conjunctivitis
- Ulcers of the cornea
- Inflammation of the eye including Iritis, Episcleritis, and Pingecula
- Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
- Styes
- Dry eyes

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Doctor’s office of the year award for the entire United States

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Highest patient satisfaction in the county based on patient surveys

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Vision Trends was chosen “Best of the Best” in the nation by Invision Magazine and Featured in the Best Practices column in their September 2016 issue, which included a full page article on practice management formula that made Vision Trends on of the top optical in the United States

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Dr. Keating has lectured at the Ohio State University College of Optometry and was a National Speaker at Vision Expo East in New York and Las Vegas. He is also a Nation speaker for such groups as IDOC, ECP Network, Numerous State Optician Associations, and National Speaker for Alcon

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Dr. Keating has also written a pharmaceutical column for eye care magazine called GO/OD by Invision magazine